Thanks for checking out website! Toledo Business Mastermind (TBM) is group of eCommerce, small business owners and entrepreneurs from around the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan area that meet on a regular basis to help support each other and their businesses grow.

While we have a presence on Meetup.com to help new people find out about our group, we use this website to provide more information and to serve our Members with additional functionality like goal setting (tracking & progress logs), meeting notes, organized resources, events of interest, and more.

Tenets of a Mastermind Group / What We Do:

  • Execution & Accountability: We set SMART goals. We track them. We ask what happened when things get dropped. Million dollar ideas are a dime a dozen, it’s consistent action that makes the difference. We help break down big “I don’t know where to start” steps into smaller, actionable mini-steps.
  • Group Perspectives & Experiences: Two minds are better one right? How about more? When you have a group discussion, you benefit from the accumulated knowledge of the people in that group, which can be beneficial, specially in problem solving, when sometimes you’re so close to the issue you “cannot see the forest for the trees” because you’re too focused on the details and somebody else’s “fresh eyes” can help get you back on the path of momentum.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

  • Support & Motivation: Meet driven locals working on their business, not just in it. Talking with people that think big and hearing about the actions they’re taking WILL recharge your own batteries, while challenging you to level up your hustle.
  • Networking

What We Are NOT:

  • Lead Generation: Yes, we will talk about our businesses and share information or resources with each other that we think are relevant. But the purpose of this group is NOT to sell to each other. If you come to a meeting purely to promote to our Members, you will be politely corrected, if you proceed to only pitch yourself/your business to the group, then you will be asked to leave. #sorrynotsorry
  • Ego Building: The group is about sharing and participation. Everyone should give as much feedback, advice and support as they receive from the group. One person shouldn’t be doing all the talking, all the time. The exception here is hot seats where we focus on one person and their business for 20-30 minutes, but these rotate and each member will get time in the “hot seat” to talk through issues or challenges they’re facing.

Membership Includes:


Frequently Asked Questions

How long has this group been around?

Our group, Toledo Business Mastermind (Meetup), originally started in September of 2014 on the website Meetup.com, but moved to being 100% organized via Facebook in early 2016, and is back on Meetup.com as of September 9, 2016.

How are meetings run?

  • Beginning: Returning members start us off with updates on their progress from the previous week and then new members introduces themselves (and their business/goals) to the group.
  • Middle: People with specific challenges or questions can step into the “Hot Seat” to receive the full benefit of the group dynamic.
  • End: Each person sets specific goals for the next meeting, which get written down in a shareable document, creating accountability and momentum towards success.

Are there any rules?

  1. Don’t come just to sell or pitch to the group! The benefits of groups like this are so much more than a few potential sales.
  2. Attend at least one meeting a month, in person or remotely.
  3. Be on time & end on time.
  4. Keep what is discussed about members or their businesses private. Please respect the sensitive nature of the information being discussed and help keep TBM meetings a space where people feel comfortable sharing their experiences and vulnerabilities.
  5. Be yourself and participate fully. Be present in the discussion, try to give as much as you get from the group.
  6. Keep suggestions and criticism constructive, but be prepared to call people out on excuses and have your own excuses challenged. AKA Strive to give kind suggestions and be receptive to hearing kind suggestions.